A daily 5 minute podcast looking inwards. Topics are usually around productivity, tech, entrepreneurship, motivation, work/life balance, etc.

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Deliberate Practice

Thinking back to a time when I employed deliberate practice, then riffing on what it means and what we could do with it.(a full transcript is available on the website)...

Writing off the day.

This is more of a ramble than anything else, on the idea of a "cheat day". (a full transcript is available on the website)Ali's "Reitoff Principle" – https://aliabdaal...

Be excellent to each other.

A reminder with in a reminder to default to kindness, folks.

Choose effectiveness over the long run, over efficiency.

Some musings about the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, and how to choose the one to aim for.

Aim to be 1 percent better everyday.

What if you tried to be just a little bit better everyday, instead of trying to turn your whole life around in one day?

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