What will Season 2 be about?

What will Season 2 be about?

[00:00:00] Well, hello! This is The Daily Five with Aurooba, that's me, where we reflect on creating our best lives a little bit every day. Here we go!

[00:00:15] While building an inventory of everything I created in 2023, I looked at that first season of The Daily Five, you know, and just, wow, I managed to do 98 episodes, plus a trailer, and only missed like, what, two to three days during that entire period? That was pretty cool. It got really difficult near the end, I remember that, as I ran out of steam and themes, but it was really cool.

[00:00:50] So, I thought, let's do it again! With all the learnings of the last season and everything else I've had takeaways from in the last year. And so, my friends, I present to you the Daily 5 with Aurooba, Season 2. Overall, the season is going to explore something that feels very aligned with the start of a new year, you know, leveling up.

[00:01:16] What does leveling up mean? What does the attempt to level up look like day in and day out? What systems, techniques, and tricks can we use to keep ourselves going and not slip down into the status quo? How do we build for ourselves a new status quo that is better than what it was before?

[00:01:38] So A few days ago I did this Wheel of Life exercise, something Ali Abdaal introduced on his YouTube channel just a couple weeks ago.

[00:01:49] The idea is, you know, there's three broad themes in your life: health, career, and relationships. So, for each of those themes, you have three categories. Under health, you have mind, body, and soul. Under career, you have mission, money, and growth. And under relationships, you have family, friends, and romance. And then, you have one overarching extra category called joy.

[00:02:17] You rate each category on a scale of 1 to 10. Ali does this in a pie chart for all of the categories, excluding joy. And when you do that, you get quite the interesting visual. But you don't have to do it as a pie chart to get the benefits. You rate each category on how well your life this past year has aligned with your goals and values for that category.

[00:02:42] An easy example he shares is, let's say your goal is to be a millionaire. If you aren't a millionaire yet, that doesn't mean the money section should be rated a one or two. It's more about, hey, are you making good progress? Were your actions aligned this year with getting there? Now, once you've done that, there's a bit of an extrapolation here by me.

[00:03:07] At the end of doing that exercise, you have 10 categories you've rated out of 10, which means you now have kind of a score out of 100. And I found this very interesting. The combined score out of 100 is essentially a quantitative summary, of your own assessment of how well aligned your life is with your values.

[00:03:33] That's really interesting. I've talked about, you know, how balance is impossible in season one. And this, this exercise really illustrates that. And that rather than aiming for balance, harmony and moderation are probably better aims. And of course, what harmony and moderation look like will differ from person to person.

[00:03:58] But when creating change, any change, there are four situations we all encounter. And that's why I'm thinking that they will be the four thematic parts to season two. The start, the slog, the pump, and the rally. That's what I'm thinking right now. Let's be honest, I'm just going to make it up as I go along, documenting my own attempt to do better in 5 minutes daily chunks shared with those of you who choose to listen or read my everyday ramblings.

[00:04:34] But we'll see if we can create that theme a little bit. And we'll begin on January 1st, 2024. So, I will see you then with the very first episode of Season 2.

[00:04:54] Thanks for listening! Same time tomorrow?