Quitting versus completing

Quitting versus completing

[00:00:00] **Aurooba:** You're listening to the Daily Five, an experimental podcast by Aurooba, where I talk about something for five minutes. So let's get to it, shall we?

[00:00:16] Just as a reminder, we are in the home stretch of this podcast and the 100th episode will be the last episode. The podcast will stay live because it's a project I'm happy to have undertaken and completed, but after the 100th episode, there will be no more new episodes. I had a couple people say, and maybe call it quitting, but quitting intentionally when I told them that The Daily 5 would be ending.

[00:00:55] I admit I had a reaction to it being called [00:01:00] quitting. The term quitting has negative connotations for me. It's often akin to giving up, running away, or escaping, whereas I would argue that The Daily 5 is comfortably in the home stretch and will have rightly run its course by the hundredth episode. You could actually say that I'm prolonging the podcast almost needlessly, just because I would prefer a nice round number, that really the podcast ended on the 90th episode - because by the 90th episode, I was ready.

[00:01:45] The last three months have been intense and really hard. The Daily 5 was something that helped me during that time. It was a nice, bright, happy light, a moment of reflection, [00:02:00] quiet and silver linings in the daily craziness I was experiencing. Without going into too much detail, I will admit that I've never before experienced the kind of storm I found myself in the middle of this last quarter.

[00:02:17] And in a lot of ways it was a shattering experience. I have spent more time this last quarter emotionally leaning on my spouse than I have ever before. My spouse is my safe harbour, always has been, and I never needed him quite in the way I have for the last few months. I have also spent a lot of time this last quarter working and being stretched in areas of my life and personality, I guess, that I hadn't before been stretched in quite this much in one go.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] There have been days where I was so mentally and emotionally exhausted that I wasn't sure I knew how to be human anymore. But there have also been moments of joy and pockets of clarity and some really fun and kind of cool things that I've done. That's for sure. The Daily 5 began on an impulse, but its winding down has been a deliberate move.

[00:03:34] While I can't say that the last stretch of episodes are extra thoughtful or extra better, I can tell you that they stem from quieting a small part of my life to make room for other things. So no, I don't call this quitting. I call this an ending or a completion. I hate shows that keep on doing new seasons when clearly they should have ended, [00:04:00] and I don't want The Daily 5 to be like those shows.

[00:04:03] Sometimes it's okay to say enough. It's okay to say, this is all I have to say on this matter. There is no more for me to say in this space, which is true. This really is all I have to say on this matter. I do, however, have a lot to say on other matters, and that is where I'm going to shift this energy to.

[00:04:33] So, I am looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to the next thing now, and that's probably what you'll hear about.

[00:04:45] Thanks for listening. Talk to you tomorrow.